I love coffee so i name this website as coffee

Hello welcome to my website. Basically this website is just some random stuff that i made for fun and also I will list some shopping items that I found cute and good.
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My Top Music Pick

My kind of chill music to sleep, relax or study

Helloo this is my top music pick for chill cause I love these type of music. It makes me calm whenever I listen to this music. So enjoy

Still - Jeff Bernat

He has such a good voice and the melody of the music is perfecto

Casual - Jesse Barrera & Jeff Bernat & Johnny Stimson

My favo 🤍. Their voice suits each other with the melody 🎶. So good to be true

Love me like that - Sam Kim

나비 보러 갈래? Nabi boreo gallae? Yes yes it’s from the K-drama Nevertheless. Have you watch it? I love this soundtrack as i love the drama, giving me so much butterflies 🦋 hihi

แล้วแต่ดาว (My Starlight) - Joong Ar Chen

This is my fav Thai song. His voice is so good and uggh I can’t explain it, better listen to it 🤍🤍.

Give me your forever - Zack Tabudlo

Oof this is also a gem 💎. Give this song to your love one so they know how you feel 🫶🏻
Songs explain our feelings 🤍

May I Ask (feat. Alexis Kim) - Luke Chiang

Can’t say anything this song is so good even though the lyrics are sad. Yeah i also listen to this song when I’m sad because of someone 🫠🫠 but that’s normal right???

Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) - Daniel Caesar

🎶 who could’ve thought i’d get you
Yeah who could’ve thought that u can get someone u love right 🫰🏻

Fool - slchld

I know i’m a fool
Hmm I think we can be fool to someone we like right. At least we show them that we care and love them 🤍

Drunk - Keshi

Not gonna say anything. His album and all of his songs are good. Love u Keshi 🤍

So Beautiful - DPR IAN

But seriously his voice and all of his songs are 💎 (please listen to it). Also he’s handsome, gorgeous, charming, gentleman, hot and sexy at the same time uppss down bad 😆 okay time to stop just enjoy his song

Moments - Micah Edwards

This song is wayy to chill and make you calm by the melody and voice. It’s perfect for u to listen before bed. Take your time, deep breath and recalling every good moments in your life then straight to sleep with that memories 💐💐

Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Again - Yayyoung

When u finally found your someone and you know it right away he/she is the one. For everyone who is in the cloud 9 because of that person. Be happy 😊

Older Than I Am - Lennon Stella

This song I recommended for you who deal with some difficulties, anxiety, or stress, may this song can heal you. Even though it’s hard but you got this and I believe you can get through all the hardship. God will always with you so bear with it and keep your head up. Fighting!! 🫶🏻🫶🏻