Do You Have What It Takes?

An International Student Who Had No Choice Nor Options

What is good family?! It’s your girl Amira, thank you so much for checking out my page!👏🏽

A short background story about myself. I was born and raised in the Netherlands to Moroccan parents who were immigrants. My parents sacrificed their comfort-zone and moved to the Netherlands to give their future children a better future. And for this I am forever grateful.

I did the usual, you know: go to school, get my degrees, work multiple jobs at the same time. All of this just so that I was able to help my mom out financially because by the time I had my first job ever (at the age of 10), my parents had already been divorced for 6 years. Growing up in a single parent household was rough, seeing and growing through things that an average kid shouldn’t be exposed to at that age. Life happens though.

Fast-forward, I went to community college and college to get my degrees in Law. After college I did something that shocked not only my family, but everyone that I engaged with throughout the years. I decided to move to Florida in August of 2018 to pursue a Master’s degree in Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling to eventually pursue a Law degree and become a Family Law attorney.

As an international student I realized that my financial opportunities were very limited. I am not allowed to apply for jobs off campus... I was working a job on campus... for $8.50 an hour. I was only getting 5 to 6 hours a week... How was I supposed to live off of just this?

So I decided to take a leap of faith in July 2019 and invested my last dollars in myself by becoming an entrepreneur. Was it easy? Absolutely not! Was it worth it? Absolutely! Not only did I become my own boss, I am also in the position to travel whenever I want to; I don’t have to ask anyone for permission anymore.

But I’m not a greedy person, my mama raised me better than that. I decided to impact other individuals by helping them create multiple sources of income without working for someone else. Technology can be your best friend if used correctly😌

I can’t wait to connect, travel, and impact thousands of individuals with you!✨