Everyone deserves to live their best life toxin and pain free.

I’m Ammie Tuttle a Mom on a mission to keep my family safe from toxins. I also want to help everyone I can, Have a body with healthy fascia and become pain free. There is no need to live in pain. So I’m bringing my worlds of Healthy products of Pure Haven, Fascia health and a more Holistic approach to living together. Chances are your health is important to you, but there are so many aspects to health--it can get a bit overwhelming at times, am I right? I’m here to help. Pure Haven makes it easy to take control of your health - the products you are absorbing through your skin and breathing in - and give you 100% peace of mind.

Not too long ago I was struggling with my health and in a lot of pain from Fibromyalgia. (And I couldn’t take medication for the pain) I needed something more natural. I needed to change something. After all I’m a wife, and mom to three amazing kids, This made me really stop and ask what I could do to be healthier. How could I reduce that burden on my immune system which was clearly struggling to keep up? 🤔

I knew a healthy diet and exercise are important...and yes, less stress and more sleep. I never considered it could be my fascia was causing my pain. And did you know cellulite isn’t really a thing? It’s not fat it’s fascia! Fascia that needs to be smoothed out! I found that fascia blasting was my answer! No more painful nights! Yay!
BUT my eyes were opened to another aspect of health...the products I was using on a daily basis. I learned how the personal care industry isn't regulated and how less than 5% of the chemicals they use have ever been tested for safety. 😱

I started searching deeper and learned that many ingredients in our everyday products likely cause more harm than good--interfering with hormones, thyroid, metabolism, asthma, gut health, and more. This is NOT OK. Not for me, not for you, not for our kids. We all deserve better. 😩

And so I'm proud to represent a company that makes organic sustainable products withOUT toxins but still gives RESULTS you want. Products we stand behind with a 60-day money back guarantee. Products you'll wish you'd started using sooner. 🤩

What are you waiting for? Turn your home into a pure haven today and become pain and cellulite free with fascia blasting!
Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing these aspects of your health are covered.

Are you ready for a change?

Have an amazing body at any age!

Tissue regeneration is the answer, for your best life!