To my Dearest Palangga

This may be the most cheesy method of conveying my feelings, but I genuinely hope you like this. I adore you.

My Angel

It's impossible for me to put into words how much I admire you and how spellbound I've been by your allure. I'll never want to be without you again, from now on. Based on everything I'm hearing and seeing, I'm inclined to believe that an angel from up above has been sent to enlighten my path. The only thing that would make me admire you as much as I do right now would be to see yourself through my eyes.

[ palangga ] —

a lover who can love me

I would swoon over a partner who is capable of loving me back. I have never had a second of doubt in my thoughts. That you have recognized and embraced my excellence is the most important thing you have done for me. My greatest appreciation is for you. You have my whole devotion. You are someone in whom I have a great deal of confidence. I'm very grateful to have you in my life. A consoling idea is that every step I've taken has contributed to your discovery. You are more beautiful than all the flowers in the world put together.

[ lost in ur eyes ]


my green tea in the morning

The third of August is the day I want to officially claim you as mine. It has been you, Shane, for a very long time now, and I will continue to have a favorable opinion of you. You are the reason I was able to recall the sensation of butterflies in my stomach once again. Please accept my gratitude for letting me discover new things about you every day. The reason I've always thought of myself as the most beautiful woman alive is because of you, my sweetie. It doesn't matter who I select from the rest of the world; you'll always be my first choice. Could you be mine?

[ i want u to be ]