AMP Fitness

Strength & Fitness

I am a fitness & nutrition enthusiast, who helps women get started on their journey to find strength and a nutritional foundation. It’s about empowering you to feel good about where you are now. I provide workouts that will build strength and energy and eating plans that get back to the whole food basics. Not only does the proper nutrition help loose weight, but also helps to heal your gut, balance your micro and macro nutrients and heal from the inside out.

I am a lifetime athlete turned fitness and holistic health enthusiast who wants to help you find your passion for fitness, as I pursue mine of helping others create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Having navigated through my own nutritional and fitness struggles, I can provide knowledge that I’ve learned in order to help you get through that journey without all the endless research and dread.

My group fitness coaching and nutrition assistance plans are here to help you find your passion for fitness! No quick fixes, no starvation, no cutting food groups, no endless hours of cardio in the gym. It can be individual or group strength training, nutrition plans for cleaning up your nutrition and making sustainable adjustments or both.

*Personal Group Fitness Classes:
(Equipment Provided)
- 25.00 per person
- 30-45 Min Body Weight, Bands, Kettle Bell, DB
- You have a group, you can choose a location in OC and I’ll come to you!

*Meetup Join in Classes:
(Equipment Provided)
- 15.00 per class
- 30-45 Min Body Weight, Bands, Kettle Bell, DB
- Sign up online in link below on

*Personal Training:
(Equipment Provided)
- 25.00 per hour
- 30-45 Min Body Weight, Bands, Kettle Bell, DB

*Nutritional Assistance:
- Free Consultation
- Personalized goal and eating plan
- Integrative referral work up
- Meal Tracking assistance
- Meal Plan
- Basic Macro Rehab Guide
- Recipes
- On Call/ FaceTime Assistance