Just a Bit About Me

I was born and raised in the south by an Italian family from up north. I guess you could say I’ve had the best of both worlds my entire life! I’m a proud wife, mom, dog mama and girl boss!

My professional experience is in Social Selling. I grew up in the industry and saw what a huge difference it made in my own family.. After studying to become a merchandiser in the fashion industry, I was offered an opportunity to become a Consultant with a reputable company and was able to build a multi million dollar organization and mastered all the skills to become a Regional VP. The experience was life altering.

I’ve since had the privilege of building top
organizations and held corporate Executive positions at multiple Social Selling companies. I was able to raise my children while having a fulfilling career. My passion is to coach other women to find that balance in life!

Recently I took a giant leap into another field and became a licensed Esthetician. Helping people become comfortable in their own skin is another passion of mine.

Understanding that healthy hair is a part of healthy skin which all falls under a healthy lifestyle....I became intrigued by an opportunity with a brand new company, called Theorem, that promotes healthy non toxic hair products and joined their sales force. I’ve been incredibly blessed with the fastest growing team of happy Customers & Hair Specialists and would love to welcome you to our community!

My Theorem Website