About me

“One morning she woke up different”

I’m Amy, a 33 year old, wife, momma of 4, registered nurse and God fearing woman!

I had always dreamed of being a RN after the impacts of hope, encouragement and love they all made on my cancer stricken mom. I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles to get my degree and work as a RN but as you know things rarely go as planned….

One morning God put some things in my heart and provided clarity:
-stop walking middle ground and pick a side (discipleship is occurring daily and impacting your children’s souls but whom are they getting it from?)
-be done with anything that doesn’t give me peace
-opinions are a dime a dozen, validation is for parking and loyalty isn’t a word but a lifestyle
-life is too short to leave the key to happiness in someone else’s pocket and miss out on incredible moments with family.

I quit my full time job at the hospital and became a stay at home mom, teacher and provide discipleship for my children!

Through an unexpected opportunity I have been able continue to make an impact, helping others improve their health, feel beautiful and confident while getting their healthiest hair and skin while using vegan products all while being home with my children. I want to continue to teach and mentor women from all over the world who dream of being stay at home moms, quit corporate America or whom simply want something more to life!

If you’re here for inspiration and to follow me on my journey welcome!!

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