Amy Draskovich

About me

👋 I am a wife and a mama to 3 amazing teenagers. (When they're in a good mood🤭)

I was introduced to these life changing products in May 2020. The goal was to get rid of that baby belly 🤰🏻
On a whim I decide to just join the business and try to get my products cheaper or better yet, Free! Plus keep me consistent💥
I knew NOTHING about Social Media. I never did a “side gig” before, never posted on Facebook and didn’t even have Instagram but something tugged at my heart.
Between getting rid of my love handles with the lean body system to the liquid collagen (aka Botox in a bottle) and inside out skin care line aging me backwards, I look and feel better than I did 10 years ago. I have energy to do all the things. The confidence this gave me is absolutely priceless!!

If I hadn’t jumped in, followed my heart and gotten out of my comfort zone, I would never be where I am today!
I am determined to share these amazing products with the world! I want EVERYONE to LOVE the skin they are in!!!

**Make sure to scroll to see my before & after ➡️

Before and after

Passports don’t lie! 10 years apart