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Network Marketing is ssooo 2016

Hi beautiful souls,

I’m so happy you found me & cannot wait to connect with you on a deeper level!

My name is Amy Patricia and I’m here to show the new way of doing the online business thang!

2020 has been a year like none other & it has brought so many newbies into the online space (yay!) but with all these baby-preneurs that are being taught #oldschool ways of selling, it has highlighted the stigma that we face in this world.

I absolutely adore the online space & the opportunity that it creates for a flexible freedom lifestyle however those that “don’t get it” yet have a negative view of what we do because of those that are operating in the old way.

Cold messaging strangers to join your business or begging people to buy your stuff is not cool. It’s needy energy. It doesn’t look good on you babe & it’s fuelling the negative reputation.

But I get it, I’ve done NWM/MLM 3 times & that is what I was told to do too ...

Well babes, no more! The new era of entrepreneurship is here. Gone are the days of selling to friends & family, hosting parties & spamming randoms.

Soul aligned attraction marketing is where it’s at. The paradigm is changing. The way we sell is also changing & I’d love to show you how.

Want to know how? Let’s chat!