About Me

Hi there! Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by!

I’m Amy Davis, CEO of @AmyStStyle...yes that is my fashion & style IG account, but all things start somewhere small right!? So welcome—you have arrived—to the beginning of something wonderful!!

My passion is fashion and I went to school for fashion design and merchandising and just always been obsessed with clothes and shoes my whole life!
So lucky me got a job with Nordstrom mid college, and have been with the company ever since! So yeah basically the whole decade of my entire adulthood! I have worked in a ton of different roles in almost every department throughout Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. So I have wealths of fashionoledge, style tips, and a ton of great experience!!
I am an assistant department manager for Women’s Contemporary, dresses, At home and Lingerie which I love!! I have grown to be extremely passionate about being a bra fit specialist!
I also specialize in store and Virtual Styling! So join me on this fashion and style journey!
You can simply shop my looks through my style links that I create all from!


More Fun Facts About Me

My Husband Ben and I are both originally from Indianapolis, Indiana now living in St Petersburg, Florida for almost 10 years!
We have been together since college and happily married now for 6 years. Wow how time flies!!

We have 1 fur baby Peete, he is a super chill basset bound Dalmatian mix and he’s just absolutely adorbs!

My other hobbies and interests are food and more FOOD! Lol I do all the cooking and I’m pretty flipping good at it, if I do say so myself!
I went plant based back in January and that’s been a whole other fun culinary adventure!

I love to CREATE! I literally love making things! I can bake, cook, sew, draw, cricut making is my latest obsession! Working on my custom T-shirt game so stay tuned for more to come!!

I love Football! My favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts! As a Floridian I’ll occasionally root for the Bucs too.
I am a huge Tampa Bay lightning fan though—growing up we didn’t have an NHL team and my brother played growing up so always liked following hockey as well.

So anyways I’m super ADD hence why I like so many things and why we’re still talking about me!! LOL thanks for joining me on my journey in this beautiful best life, and enjoy all things fashion and style, food, crafts and all the fun that comes with it!