Welcome to my smol website!


Hello everyone and welcome, my name is Ana!

I’m a student of the communication and multimedia design course in Portugal. I’m currently in my 3rd year of college.

My hobby is digital art. I started drawing purely out of inspiration and admiration for other artists. I’m a self-taught artist in illustration. My work has a stylized art style that resembles a mix of anime and cartoon.

As a daydreamer, I have a bunch of ideas and stories that I would like to work on in the future.

Please feel free to join me on this adventure!
All love and support are greatly appreciated!!

My Top Picks —

Top recommendations

These are a few drawings that may be of your interest. Apart from these and if you check my social media - Instagram - you will find a lot of original art and characters, as well as some fanart. All the support is highly appreciated and it makes me super happy that someone likes my drawings and stories so thank you very very very much!! 💙✨

The zodiac signs

This was a series of drawings requested by a friend that challenged me to draw characters inspired on the zodiac signs. I don’t know a lot about this topic but after a few researches I’ve come up with these characters and designs! ✨

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Meet the artist

This is a post to get to know the artist a bit better, so here are some facts about me! 🐰

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