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Here you will find direct links for me, my favorite coffees. You will find links to some of my favorite sites to shop both for myself and the twins. Your personal health and wellness social marketer for Modere. Also a little behind the scenes of my life.

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He makes beauty out of chaos

#Twinmom The good, the bad, and all the in between

The Good

First off I am so beyond blessed for my girls. They are my pride and joy and my little co workers with my business. They love to help.

We call them our miracle babies. It took us years of struggling with infertility before the Lord poured out his grace on us and blessed us more than we can fathom.

The Bad

This is where I wish I could insert a video to show the bad. I know I know everyone thinks twins are suppose to be best of friends. I thought that too. But boy was I WRONG!!!!

The fighting, the screaming, the crying, the hitting it never ends. I am literally hanging on by a thread everyday.

The In-between

This is the phase there I just exist in the midst of the chaos. The moment where I pray and thank the Lord for my blessings or pray To get me through the day.

The few moments when they are actually getting along and I get to experience the joy of hearing the giggles and twin language that not everyone gets to experience.

The moment when I get to snuggle up with them both and read them a bedtime story a king long day.

The moment when no matter what the day held no matter how bad it was that they hug me goodnight and say I love you mama 🥰

This is what being a #twinmama is about

Why do I choose network marketing?

  1. My family

    My family

    I chose to do this to first off help my family. Yes I hold a job as a Sonographer but ya girl has big dreams so every little bit helps!!

    Also I want to show my girls that it’s possible to do anything that they set their mind to!

  2. The Friendships

    The Friendships

    You think I’m crazy by saying some of my best friends have come from network marketing don’t you? Well guess what it’s true. These girls are more than friends they are sisters. I thank God for bringing them into my life everyday. We all share such a unique connection in our own ways. He knew I needed each and every one of them.

  3. Myself!!


    Yes I do this for myself!! This is probably one of the biggest reasons I choose to do network marketing. It’s changed my life I’m so many ways. It’s brought me out of the dark sad place I was once in.

    It’s give me the confidence I needed I’m everyday life.

    It’s brought me a group of women who love and fear the Lord who I can surround myself with and go to and lean on in times of need.

    I do this for myself in so many ways it’s crazy! It gives me something for myself again Besides being a mom and wife.

    I encourage you if you don’t have that let’s find it for you some how someway sister!

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