Anaiya Jenae

My Story

When I was first presented the opportunity to join this business, my answer was a hard no. there had been a lot of controversy around MLM and like many of us, I refused to be "that girl." I had even left my now mentor & friend on read a few times, but she remained patient & the friendship never changed. Months later, I decided to at LEAST get more info, if my answer was still no then that'd be it. Something about that opportunity call with my friend & her mentor completely changed my mind.
I was working a job I absolutely hated and desperately needed to leave + I definitely could use another source of income. I finally decided to take the leap of faith & if I fell flat on my face, that was okay—at least I tried. I had plenty of family and friends shit on me, yet my attitude never changed. I worked hard, didn't give up & it paid off. Something about accomplishing so much while helping others, made me want more. So I got more.
With one small investment in MYSELF, I've gained friendships, mentorships, endless opportunities to grow—in my business + my personal life. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'll forever be grateful for this opportunity.
Now I share my story & extend the opportunity to likeminded men and women.