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I’m not famous. I’m not trying to sell you something. I’m just trying to keep an open mind and spread as much helpful information as I can, in the kindest way I can.

books i think hold important secrets

my current top book recommendations

These are the books I couldn’t get off my mind. From photography collections to romantically depressing novels to hope givers. So, if you’re ever looking for something to read I present to you books I think hold important secrets.
*more to come when secrets are discovered*



The ad in the paper read “TEACHER seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.” What more do you really need to know?

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Women Before 10AM

This was a book we had in the house since my younger days but didn’t discover for myself till I was a teen. This has an amazing collection of photos displaying multiple famous women in their natural states before the makeup and glamour when they’re simply, beautifully, and naturally, women before 10am.

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The Virgin Suicides

“The year of the suicides” started by the youngest sisters self destruction and told by the boys across the street. It’s not just about the tragedy but what led the sisters there and whether we can really know their thoughts, their story. A romantically told story with a gory finish will leave you feeling like the shadow over your eyes was at least partially lifted.

This story does contain multiple suicides and mentions of depression and anxiety. Read with caution if you suffer from any mental illness.

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Diary of an Oxygen Theif

A sadistic man, who enjoys emotionally breaking women, anonymously writes this account of how a woman does the same to him.

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The book quite literally holding secrets.

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Films, shorts, videos, etc.

This is a collection of movies, films, shorts, and more that I have discovered throughout my short life and have stuck with me since.

Ocean kid

This short was created by PJ (kickthepj) Liguori as a part of a series following “space kid” and preceding “forest kid.” All original artwork, this piece is a poetic story told through pictures.

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A grand day out

“A Grand Day Out” was a breakthrough in claymation filming, first created by Nick Park when he was still in college and finished when he joined Aardman animations. This tells the story of a Brit and his dog as they build a rocket to the moon for some cheese on their bank holiday.

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The little prince

A Netflix original movie based off of the French children’s book “Le Petite Prince.” This challenges the idea of work over play and the importance of imagination.

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Mona Lisa smile

This movie tells the story of a college art history class and especially its forward thinking teacher. Set in the 1950s this brings forth the ideas of the capabilities of women, what it means to be open minded, and how to really think for yourselves.

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Moonrise kingdom

“Moonrise Kingdom” tells the story of a pair of young lovers who flee their New England town together causing a search party to fan out and find them.

Comforting things to hear when you’re feeling uneasy

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A short by Ashton Orner, which looks like the remnants of memories. Something I wish I could recreate myself.

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The Yellow Handkerchief

Three strangers hitch a ride together discovering each other’s stories. Judging people, each other, a book by its cover.

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20th Century Women

In 1976, three women from three different generations use what their knowledge and experience to help a teen boy become what they each believe to be a modern “man.”

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Pojkarna (Girls Lost)

Challenging the understanding of gender and sexuality, “pojkarna” follows 3 young swedish girls who discover a flower that can turn them into boys.

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male princess

a project on gender bending starring the best brother in the world

people who inspire me

These are the people I admire and trust in this crazy world of fake heroes. The most real, authentic, open, and talented individuals I’ve come across thus far.


Photographs that are raw and vibrant and designs that are intense and bold. This artist, actor, photographer, and model is so open about his physical transition with testosterone, as well as his position in the deaf community which is really something to admire.

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MaryV Benoit

Photographer and performance artist, her style brings the word “exposed” to mind. Honest and kind and thoughtful and real.

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This non-binary model who is not afraid to speak out about her thoughts, but cares about the opinions of others and especially their mental health.

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Noel Feilding

British comedian, actor, artist, and im sure many other things who isn’t afraid to be himself no matter what.

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Felicia Day

Actress, writer, and web series creator, Felicia has been influential in all things geekdom since before the rise of the internet. Never afraid of being who she is and calling out to everyone else to do the same.

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Brigette Lundy-Paine

Known for Netflix’s “Atypical” and the odd little collection know as Waif Magazine. They are the definition of strange and I love that about them. Is Waif.

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Harry Styles

“I’ve always wanted to be one of these people who didn’t really care about what people thought about them... but I just- I just don’t think I am.” - him

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