Ana’s Jewelry Box

The way I conquered my fears

You know, being a female in this world is not easy. There are so many factors and experiences in life that hinder the growth of a woman. Society forces these ridiculous fears into the brains of young girls to stop their true potential and power.

Fear is one of the things that has personally held me back from moving forward in my life. When I first brought up the idea to my husband, he was a little hesitant, but supportive nonetheless. What was stopping me from starting a business? My partner was willing to allow me to take time to start my very own online store. Well, that’s when the fear came in. Fears of failure and success, fears of the unknown and fears of untouched territory.

It’s like a light switch went on in my brain. My true power IS the unknown. Real success and happiness will come when I go full force and put my energy and love into whatever I do. Whether it be an online store or anything else. So has been in full swing.

I have been working on my online store every morning before the sun comes up and late at night when my husband attempts to put our daughter to sleep. I am thankful everyday I wake up and am able to add products to the store while my daughter is on her little mattress next to me watching Youtube (LOL). I barely get sleep and my brain is fried every single day, but my fear went away.

That fear that was holding me back was let go and now I am so happy. I have purpose and drive.

Wherever this road takes me, I know that no matter what it will be the beginning of the growth of my womanhood. True female power. Fearless and amazing. Powerful and bold.