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“Outstanding cantabile...new dimensions of intensity. Marvellous!”


“When I had the pleasure of hearing Ana Topalovic, I was immediately enthralled, mesmerised by her magical ability. She was so one with her wonderful instrument, eliciting everything Beautiful, Genuine and Demonic - musically self-assured and with such sound joy, as I had rarely heard. I didn’t know that a cello can be humorous as well."


The cellist Ana Topalovic is a special artist: Through her expanded, synaesthetic sensory perception, music opens up to her not only in the dimension of sound but also in visual impressions and thus literally gains color and shape. This rare gift enables Ana Topalovic to discover hidden relationships in music - within the composition itself but also between ostensibly very different works. In this way, highly interesting concert programs with surprising combinations of old and new are created.

For Ana Topalovic it is also a matter of course not to understand music in isolation, but to relate it to other art movements: Whether dance, drama or the visual arts - Ana Topalovic builds bridges between genres. Her particular preference for extraordinary performance techniques comes into play here (see “Multicello” project).

The cellist, who particularly appreciates the solo performance, wants to develop a modern, sometimes experimental, but always aesthetic effect: conceptual, but not academic; communicative, but not cerebral. Emotional but demanding. Inspired by the diversity of her instrument, Ana continues to develop as a composer of original works, exploring undiscovered musical interfaces, alternative ways of thinking and new art forms. She combines all of these qualities in her role as curator of the “Treff • Kunst” festival (see below).


When a single cello becomes an orchestra.

Multicello is Ana's latest project: through the use of live electronics she can develop an almost orchestral polyphony from a single cello. In this way she explores fascinating worlds of sound creating soundscapes layer by layer which are at one modern and timeless. Combining her Italian acoustic and NS Design CR5 electric cello, Ana thus redefines the musical language of her instrument: ethereal-sublime, sometimes bizarre or meditative, and always touching through her honesty. The project is funded by the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna.


As the artistic director and organizer of her festival “Treff • Kunst”, Ana Topalovic brings Austrian and Serbian-Austrian artists and musicians together in BRICK 5 for the first time. Ana Topalovic, who was born in Belgrade and lives in Vienna, wants to use the annual platform to promote both the creative exchange between artists and their different cultural backgrounds, thus encouraging them to further develop and develop common ideas. The audience is invited to take part in this limitless, artistic dialogue lasting several days. “Treff • Kunst” combines classical and contemporary music as well as painting, photography, film, fashion design and literature.


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