Hey there!

From a wannabe entrepreneur to a successful traveled beauty rebel...

For those of you who don’t know me, let me just say it’s hard to capture yourself in 2-3 paragraphs 🥴

I’ve been an avid entrepreneur since the young age of 23. Constantly hustling and building other people’s businesses in the hopes that I can follow my dream: unlimited traveling, work as you play, financial freedom.

After many successful business launches, I still felt lacking. I’d provided so much time to building others businesses, but I felt under appreciated and overworked! Having rocked the beauty industry for the better part of 15 years, I needed something more...

In 2018, I finally found my niche of helping others be their best selves: mind, body and hair 😘 Now, I’m building an empire of like minded individuals, looking to improve the lives of others, one head of hair at a time and I couldn’t be happier. Making an impact in other lives, from a customer and team member perspective has been so rewarding!

Healthy Hair & Skin Now!!!

SPEND money, SAVE money, MAKE money!

There are three ways to buy, below is a sneak peak on all options and what you will see with each!

Market Partner

When you join my team, it’s as little or as much as you want it to be! Literally work it into the books and crannies of your day per your own goals!!

💚 Start-up product packs with up to 57% savings 🤯
💚30% discount
💚Earn Money (real money)
💚Earn free trips (real free trips)
💚Make Amazing Friends!!!
💚free product and shipping on flexships
💚flexship optional, not required!
💚access to all flash sales
💚enjoy purchase plus discount 15%-25% (more you spend, the more you save) on top of MP 30% discount
💚30 day money back guarantee
💔Annual renewal fee of $49.99


As VIP, you are treated like the goddess you are, so many perks, plus the options to win free products just for having great hair and skin are endless!

💚15% discount off the top
💚free product and shipping on enrolling orders
💚free product and shipping on additional flexships
💚flexship is flexible- no monthly requirement!!!
💚access to all flash sales
💚birthday month coupon
💚enjoy purchase plus discount 15%-25% (more you spend, the more you save) on top of VIP 15% discount
💚30 day money back guarantee
💔$19.99 One time VIP fee, then you’re a VIP for life!
💔Minimum 2 flexship requirement or pay a $20 cancellation fee


Money not an issue?... That’s fine, here’s the option for you!

💚 order what you want, no commitment
💚enjoy purchase plus discount 15%-25% (more you spend, the more you save)
💚30 day money back guarantee
💔pay for shipping
💔no free product or access to flash sales