I graduated from Bunda Mulia University in 2021 in the field of Management which has a great interest in administration, communication, marketing & strategic services.I have the right experience in leading & creating marketing strategies realistically by taking real case examples so that strategy implementation scenarios can be implemented under a condition that is happening. Practicing communication that is done actively with the presentation of the project every week.Experts in data analysis, summarizing journal points as well as use of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint & Excel software.


• Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN).

- Responsible for preparing employee attendance reports, distributing letters, archiving data.
- Contribute to the management and distribution of letters and data.
Success in processing data, archiving and distributing mail in 1 working day

• Xing Fu Tang.

- Directly responsible for customer satisfaction.
- Responsible for fast and precise work.
- Contribute to total sales per day and also provide services to consumers.
Success in multitasking and providing the best service to various types of typical consumers.

• Business Project Strategy.

- Responsible for the determination of HPP.
- Responsible directly with potential customers.
- Contribute to the strategy of selling prices and services to potential customers.
Success by getting an A grade and being the best group on campus final assignments.

• PT. Mayora Indah Tbk - Team Leader

- Responsible for sales targets and supervision of Sales Promotion Girl.
- Contribute to the achievement of sales targets per day.
- Interact directly with consumers in making sales.
Success in achieving the sales target of at least 50 cartons in one day.

• CIMB Niaga (Still Working) - Relationship Manager Development Program (RMDP).

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