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I'm currently on vacay, and would be happy to be your Personal Shopper. It's JASTIP with personal touch. I'd be happy to reccomend you some styles, and would try my hardest to find what you want.

Goods will be hand carried to Jakarta by June 2020. Check out my shopping experience in India, China, and Thailand before I'm heading back to JKT!

Must read

My blue light when I was grieving.

Best acne meds EVER!

I did Isotretinoin theraphy in 2016 and I never have any acne problem since. Those who are in Jakarta, get it here:

The Legendary Saffron

100% pure Kashmiri saffron will be hand carried and available in Jakarta by June 2020.

No-sugar lyfe

I had major weight loss in 2019 and one of the secrets is this HOLY grail. Oh I can't live without it.

Curated Pieces

All items which I personally love and recommend. Selected and carefully handpicked during my stay in India, China, and Thailand. All are updated on time-basis.

[ INDIA ] Personal Shopper

[ OPEN ]
Last Payment: 29 February 2020

I'm staying in New Delhi, but I'll be visiting other cities too: Manali, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Mumbai, etc.

[ CHINA ] Personal Shopper

[ OPEN in March ]
I'll be staying in Shantou, but I'll be visiting other cities too: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

[ THAI ] Personal Shopper

[ OPEN in April ]
I'll be staying in Bangkok, but I'll be visiting other cities too: Hatyai, Phuket, etc.