About QUEENversations W/ Drea 👑

Ladies Speaking Positivity ✨

Hey Queens,
My name is Andrea Williams many of you know me as drea , i am 24 years old ! currently in college obtaining my bachelor’s degree in behavioral and social science . I am creator and owner of queenversations w/ drea. This is just a start i have so much more coming. I decided i wanted to do something i loved which was encourage women and provide a positive environment to express all things QUEEN . I’ve created this for nothing but positivity and encouragement of ALL women , we as women go through so much in life and sometimes we feel as though we have no support when it’s needed most ! this is not a place for females who love drama and negativity so please do not come with that type of energy we are here to discuss anything from depression to fashion tips & everything in between ! I am also doing this to be as someone of advice for anyone in need. This is not for you to run and tell anyone’s business or what they share whats said in QUEENversations stays in QUEENversations. I am in the process of creating a bigger website to do podcasts for everything “QUEEN” as well as anonymous messages/advice boards , topics and everything else. So as i said do not come into this with negativity of any kind. WELCOME TO THE QUEENverstation YALL !

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