Hi y’all I’m Andrea 💕

Bars? I raise them. Lives? I change them.

I’m 29 years young and live in Florida with my adorable puppy! Originally from Ohio, GO BUCKS! However, my heart belongs at the beach! ❤️

My passion is to help also help others find their passion! I started my journey a little over a year ago during covid when I needed extra money! I’ve always loved trying new products and thought why not?
Little did I know that, my team would be my family and these products would be my saving grace! I went through a period in my life where my hair simply wouldn’t grow! It would break off and was so damaged from all the bleaching I use to do! I’ve been consistently using these clean products for over a year and let me just say; I AM HERE TO SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD! Hair hair has never looked so good!

All you need is wifi and a phone ☺️
You can make money and look good doing it at the same time!

If this sounds like something you need in your life than let’s do this together! If your just looking for some clean products and better hair I can help you with that too. ☺️
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