Hey I’m so happy you’re here and am excited to share with you more about me and I’d love to get to know more about you

Get to know me & why I’m so passionate about what I do

Hi, my name is Andrea, and I live in Ontario, Canada. I am a single mom to, 2 amazing children, ages, 17 and 8.

2021 has been a year of significant change in my life.
You see…my life didn’t always look this way…for several years I was waitressing 6-7 days per week, working 2-3 jobs. Sometimes from sun up, to the wee hours of the morning, always working weekends and holidays. To be perfectly honest, I hated it! I hated the constant struggle I was always going through. I was never home to be there for my kids, I missed out on numerous holidays-Easter, Mother’s Day etc., not to mention my sons hockey and football games, and my daughters school plays. It was awful and depressing, and on top of it all, I was constantly broke!
I remember visiting the food bank as many times as I was allowed in a month. I was always late paying my bills (if I even payed them that month). I owed every payday loan place in my city. I felt worthless and felt like a failure to my kids.

Then the pandemic hit and bam, I was out of work…now I was really sinking. I survived only because of government assistance.
Being off work for that period of time gave me a taste of freedom. It gave me time with my kids and more importantly it gave my kids their Mom.
For the first time in many many years I was home with my babies,( yes even at 17 and 8, they’re still my babies). I loved it! I loved being there every morning to help them prepare for school. I loved being home to cook and actually serve them dinner and tuck my little girl in every night.
The thought of having to leave them again and go back to work, caused me severe anxiety and sadness. My little girl bawled her eyes out when I told her I’d be starting work again.
It was then, that I thought… “I’ve got to figure out another option”.

I started seeing these woman on social media that were working from their homes…on their cellphones???
“Well I have a cellphone”, I thought and I stared watching one mom in particular… in fact I started watching her every single day and I started researching as much as I could about her and this company.
I watched her for quite awhile and seen what this business had done for her and her family, and I could really relate to her. We had a lot in common….both moms, both servers, I was broke, she used to be broke, we both wanted more for our family. I thought to myself “well if she can do this, then so can I”.
I watched how she went from where I was, (at the time) to fully retired and not just herself but her husband too! She was able to support her family all from this business, buy a house, pay cash for new cars and successfully became a top earner in the company.
I was so tired of struggling and after doing weeks & weeks of research on this company and this inspiring, successful woman, I finally got the nerve and borrowed money from my dad, and messaged her and basically asked, “ how can I start”?

Now look at me… well on my way to success! I’m watching my dreams everyday become reality. I am part of a top income earning team and one of the fastest growing teams in this entire company..
I am now a full time mom, choosing my schedule, choosing when and where I want to work.
I now have every bill and rent payment paid in full and on time. I can now say,“yes” to my kids when they want to go out for dinner or want something new. I’ve also managed to start actually saving money. Something before I joined this business would have seemed impossible.

I have time, money and freedom all because of this business. Because I said, “I’m done constantly struggling”and I decided to push my fears aside…knowing my life wasn’t going to change unless I did something differently. I knew if I saw other woman in this business do it, then so could I, and I am, and so could you.
I decided I was worthy of success
You too, are worthy of success!

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