Andrea Neville

Virtual Health and Wellness Coach

Hi babe, I’m Andrea!

I was born and raised in Vermont! I attended Chelsea Public School K-12. I grew up in the tiny towns of Chelsea and Tunbridge. Small town is all I have ever known. I graduated from Northern Vermont University - Lyndon in 2017 with my B.S. in Applied Psychology and Human Services. I have a burning passion to help and serve others.

In October 2019 my boyfriend of six and a half years and I decided to try something new and moved to North Carolina. We are still trying to settle but have both grown so much from making a big move away from our families. I am so excited to have you here and to share my story with you.

I am an athlete, I played whatever sport was offered (soccer, basketball, lacrosse) for every season until 11th grade. My life changed drastically in my final year of high school because of religious choices and I spent my time in the gym. Throughout college I tried to find some kind of motivation and routine with fitness. I tried going to the gym, but my commute was long and I just ended up not having the motivation after my classes to go to the gym knowing I had to commute over an hour to get back home. I also tried calorie counting with various apps, but I always felt hungry and logging each food I had and how much stressed me out. I was making decisions like whether to eat an apple or a banana based on calories. I tried at home workouts and those helped for a while but I eventually lost steam with that too.

Growing up my family struggled financially and we lived in low income housing and food stamps paid our grocery bill. My eating habits from a young age were poor and so was my nutrition. Not to mention my health history puts me at risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. All things that could be avoided with a super healthy diet.

Out of curiousity I asked my doctor to run my blood 2 years ago and the results revealed my cholesterol was already a bit high. I was terrified, confused, and heart broken. I made some minor changes to my diet and tried to go to the gym more. After those initial feelings faded I went back to my old ways and then at my next physical my results again revealed my cholesterol was still higher than it should me. This hit me hard and I tried to make connections with people who were gym rats so I could find some accountability and someone to teach me. Those connections were great while they lasted but it became apparent that everyone has they’re own schedule and life and I was left to gym by myself time and time again. I did not go.

I moved and I was terrified to go to the gym in a new city alone. So I did not got. I eventually cancelled my gym membership that I had been paying for for months and not using. I took a leap of faith (after having been asked to join by coaches multiple times and telling them “not right now”) and finally signed up for an at home nutrition and workout plan.

I wish I had started sooner. The workouts were challenging. My body was sore. I didn’t feel deprived or hungry. The best part was the workouts were only 30 minutes a piece and I did not waste any time driving to the gym or getting ready. I could do anything for 30 minutes a day. Anything! So why not, workout from the comfort of my home? The nutrition plan was so simple and some days I was full and did not even eat lo my containers.

Within the first few weeks I decided I loved it so much and I saw the potential this program had to change lives like it was mine and I knew I was destined to be a coach. I could help and serve people as a coach to achieve their goals and live their best healthiest life. This was something I was made for even though it was going to push me outside of every comfort zone I had ever created!

I help women build sustainable health and fitness routines at home without feeling deprived of the things they love! I want to welcome you with open arms and from the bottom of my heart for following along on my journey to my best self.


Start your nutrition and fitness journey with ME as your coach! I am here to serve and help you, babe!