Why Though?

Why the name simpleful

Simpleful is a lot of things but put simply, ot the fullness of a simple yet full life. It doesn't mean there's nothing to it but the bare bones of eat drink and sleep but rather the journey of starting back from square one. Stripping back the layers of chaos that have been stacked on without thinking of consiquences over time and finding the root of what brings joy. What you've been created for.

Me? I'm a graphic illustrator. But right now I've decided, because of a decline in health and sense of emptiness motivation wise, to take a step back and explore the things deep down I love and always have loved. I'm creating in new ways and touching base with the seed that was planted long ago, to love plant and being there for all their growth. I find it soooo satisfying and somehow eye opening. I find theres nothing that displays the beauty of our creator more than creation itself.

Life can be busy, we know. But within that it's time to find the simple fullness of pure and raw joy. This isn't a 'I have to post once a day' in fact I'll probably post a whole lot less then that. It's just a true raw journey where if anything I hope just to document but otherwise hope to encourage even just one person along the way in their journey to solidify the joy that's made a home inside them when they were first created.

Have a wonder-full day xx

kast a line and you might get a bite. If not was probably still worth the day

What Brings You Joy?