Andrea Grace

Find Beauty in All Things

Hey y’all and welcome to my page! My name is Andrea, but y’all can call me Dre! I was raised in Gardena with two sisters and two brothers. From a young age I knew I had a big purpose in life and wanted to help others, but unfortunately at the age of 12 I suffered a traumatic event and fell into a deep depression. I dropped out of school, I allowed myself to get into a world of trouble and became lost. I lost hope, motivation and belief in myself. I wanted things to end, but thankfully God had other plans for my life.

Fast forward to young adulthood, I got pregnant and had my son at the age of 20. He was the blessing I never knew I needed. I was forced to grow up and change my life. I thank God for him everyday because I’m afraid to think about where my life would be without him. I was a single mother for the first 6 years of his life and it was a struggle. I continued to battle inner demons and depression, but knew I had to continue on for him. I finally met my best friend, love of my life and man I’ve spent the last 8 years with. He was another blessing from God and I’m so grateful for the life he’s given us along with the support and encouragement to strive for more.

I’m a spiritual person that believes in higher powers and the belief that our energy controls our lives unless we learn to control our energy. I’ve suffered from depression for more than two thirds of my life and I have finally decided to take back control. I will no longer allow myself to be controlled by fear. I’ve always had a great love for education and learning no matter what the subject. I know the importance of keeping our mind growing. I know how important it is to be open minded and available for new blessings. I also know how scary new beginnings can be and how easy it is to become stuck in life with the belief that “better” isn’t an option. Limiting beliefs can crush the chances for success. I’m a Libra and strive for balance, but with that comes a lot of uncertainty and indecisiveness. I’m able to see both sides of things and deeply feel other people’s emotions which can become overwhelming. I struggled to find my purpose in life and bounced from interest to interest. I’m a licensed Life and Health Agent, I’m a certified Notary Public, I’m a DIY enthusiast, I’m a mother (of both a human child and dog children lol), I’m a significant other, I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, educator and I love doing and being all these things, but I knew there was still something missing. I needed a way to feel like I was doing something positive with my life as well as making money right?! Cause let’s face, we need money to live.

I finally feel like I’ve found my purpose at the moment. I’m an entrepreneur by nature. I don’t believe that our standard educational system is designed to help us reach our full potential. I believe it’s designed to create employees and conform us to what society believes we should be. I wanted more. I have creativity and passion that need an outlet. I want to be able to travel and live life in the moment. I want the freedom to get up and go without the worry of having to be at work by a certain time. Then a friend introduced me to an opportunity that is working to change my life.

I’ve become a part of something bigger. Not only a company, but a community of like minded people that focus on self growth, self love and mindset. In our business we truly care about people and the environment. Our main focus is on growing as individuals with the help of a supportive community. We’re a personal development journey with a compensation plan!

Ask yourself these questions, and if you answered yes to any of them, you must’ve ended up on my page for a reason. Do yourself a favor and don’t be afraid to find out what that reason is. Take a chance at an opportunity that could completely change your life. Hope to hear from you soon! Blessings to you!

Do you want financial freedom?
Are you unhappy with your current job/career?
Do you enjoy your current job/career but could benefit from additional income?
Do you feel like you need more time freedom?
Do you miss out on important events or time with family and friends due to work?
Do you want the freedom to work from anywhere?
Do you want the opportunity to earn while you learn?
Do you want the ability to earn paid trips?
Do you care about the environment and giving back to the community?
Are you conscious about what you put in/on your body?
Do you want or need a community of supportive, like minded people?
Do you want to live a healthier life?
Do you want to know you’re making a difference in the lives of others?
Do you want a better hair, skin or wellness routine?
Would your life benefit from any of these things being your reality?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, take the quizzes on my next page to see how I might be able to help you.