Heyyy! I’m Andrea:)

24/7 daydreamer, full-time shopaholic, outdoor enthusiast, addicted to travelling!

Hey y’all! I currently live in Vancouver, BC, but originally from the Philippines. I made the big move back in 2010 and so far, Vancouver has been treating me really well. I’m a full-time and first year student at the University of British Columbia and I plan on majoring in Psychology and pursue my graduate studies and Psychology Doctorate!

Although I may be a couch potato from time to time, I love going on adventures, mini-getaways, and vacations with friends. Hiking is my absolute favourite activity outdoors - the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and amazing workout. You can catch me going on hikes or very long walks with my friends anytime!

Sports have been a huge part of my life ever since I made the move to Vancouver. Growing up, I played 7 sports in total, but soccer or football, as some may call it, is the sport I poured my heart into. Since sports became an enormous aspect of my life, I had the chance to become the manager along with one of my best friends for my high school’s Senior Girls Basketball team! It was challenging, yet it was one of the best times I had in high school.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to start my own business, working right from my own phone. I can literally work anytime and anywhere - I’m literally my own boss. Saying yes to this business venture allows me to pursue my dreams of travelling while working on the go at the same time! We’re in this time where social media grants us the ability to reach out to so many people worldwide and be able to work directly from our phones. If you wanna know more about the business and have a quick chat with me, swipe right!