Hello There !
My name Andreina, I am simple girl with huge dreams of helping others and work along with individuals with same mindset. I want to achieve my goals and help others achieve theirs. I want to change people’s lives, and ensure financial freedom along the way.

More about me…
I am 25, Birthday September 29th and I am a Libra ! I am future mommy-to-be. Est. March 2022. I am a social worker, helping people is in my nature. I am a Zumba instructor, love to dance. Like many other people I struggle with skin issues and hair issues, but mainly with consistency.

I started using these life changing products, and enrolled as a VIP back in 2020 when the Pandemic started. I was stressing, which caused my skin to break out, the use of masks made it even worse. I took the skin test scrolling through IG, and this completely changed my life and my everyday routine. It cleared my skin, and noticed a big difference. Not only did the skin products changed my life but also the hair products. Before the Pandemic I started the bleaching process to go platinum, but all beauty salons closed. During the pandemic I started dying my hair different colors which completely ruined my hair. January 2021, I literally chopped it al off for a fresh start with my hair, MONAT hair care made it stronger, helped with a fast growth. Like you and like many others, I was nervous and skeptical at first. Finally June 2021 I decided to join the team and I have not regretted it one minute. The community from this company is amazing. There is a lot of support from everyone. Everyone is eager to help you grow and motivate you become your better self !!

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