My goal is to help my clients to awake their power trough love and joy. Our journey can be fun when we are open to see life as an opportunity and every challenge as a way to evolve

Andressa Peters is a very gentle soul and a dedicated Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master. Her mission is to spread Reiki Energy and help all beings to reconnect again with who they truly are.

She started her awakening process by experiencing one the of the most challenging and painful situations in her life – the loss of her beloved father. In search of healing, she has found in Reiki a new meaning to her life.

Since then, she has been using her intuition, knowledge and spirituality to help people around the world with Reiki sessions and courses.

She has been studying continuously for the past 5 years – learning and experiencing an variety of healing energies such as Reiki Tibetan Usui, Angelic Reiki, Karuna & Holy Fire, Deeksha, Thetahealing , Chakras, Yoga, Crystal Healing and Intuitive Healing.

“ For me, the meaning of Reiki is to be connected with your pure essence, with your true self, accepting your shadows and transforming them into light.”

Reiki Healing Sessions

About my sessions

Healing Session

The session is a powerful way to connect with your true essence and to raise your frequency.

Each session is unique and runs for approximately 1.5-2 hours, can be done in person or online.

The session includes the magic of Reiki energy which is when we bring the universal light into your energy system: your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

Every session is an unique experience.

The session is divided into three stages:

1) Initial chat
Understanding your intentions

2) Healing
Chakra alignment and aura cleansing

3) Feedback and considerations about your beliefs system, recommendations of crystals, meditations or tools that can help you on your journey

Investment $150 AU

Online or @bondibeach/australia