Empower every purchase

About us


the act of purchasing ethically and sustainably. Rock my wardrobe is the platform creating a movement of positive purchasing by connecting charity shops with consumers who care.

Empower every purchase

The world needs to change. Products need to become sustainable and ethical. Too often good prices and quality come at a cost. We want to transform purchasing so that every item you buy has a positive effect on people, planet and communities.

In a world glued to screens; books, musics and art are more important than ever, they are our true portal to another world. A world where our imaginations are fired and where our bodies are relaxed. We want to bring back books, move music and accelerate art. Disconnect from the screen and celebrate soul.

Frequently, when we want something we have to give our money to organisations we actively dislike. But when you thriftify, you're not just buying the most sustainable product, you're supporting good causes, turning your money into magic!

Forget the highstreet, the real gems are yet to be discovered and are hiding in charity shops and other secret spots. We want to bring these gems into the light and present them to you as the bargains you deserve. Pre-loved is the new new.

Why You Should Buy Thrift

The world needs to change. Products need to become sustainable and ethical.

When did our self-expression become based on trends, soulless social media influencers, corrupt corporations and Facebook algorithms!? We want to break free, wear outrageous thrifty outfits, disown digital media, openly create the alternative to capitalism and practice true self-expression.