me + my unshakable why

Whatever bought you here, I am SO glad!

I know that our most valuable asset is our time so I do not take it for granted the time you are taking to visit me + my website. After getting to know me, I truely hope I get the chance of getting to know you, because ultimately, that’s what this is all about for me.

The beautifully epic Brené Brown said; “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do”

And I could not agree more!

Because it’s easier to hide behind the masks we’ve been taught to wear. I get it, I’ve been there before.

To keep this bio short + sweet I can some myself up in a few words... (I think!)

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, who is a total introvert BUT set on paving a new way in life with the intention of inspiring others to do the same. However that may look and feel like to them.

I love the wisdom of human design mixed with a little astrology and learning how they integrate into our lives.

While I believe western medicine has its place, Ayurveda + Chinese medicine speaks to my heart space. The holistic approach it teaches aligns with the entirety of my soul and I feel it’s so important to know that we hold the power to heal ourselves.

I freaking love to learn about the deep stuff we don’t openly talk about. Your story, your dreams, your beliefs, the hard stuff, the uncomfortable and everything in between.


Why? Because I might only be 26, but I’ve got a world of life experience behind me. From growing up as a child of divorce, to both physical + mental abuse, to watching those I love struggle in the depths of depression and then living that unexplainable pit of emptiness myself.

I have both gained and lost. I have loved and I’ve been hurt. I have pushed people away, done and said things I regret but I have also found my way back. To myself and to them.

I am the LEAST perfect person I know but I now understand that every piece of my story was crucial for my growth.

I’ve learnt the power of our mind & how it’s not really here to serve or help us in life. I’ve learnt that unconditional love is all there really is and I’ve learnt that a true human experience is far from linear but I truely believe that’s where the magic is.

Growth is a life long journey for me and while I could keep learning privately, I can’t shake the feeling there are other people just like me that this work could inspire.

And if you haven’t figured this out by now - I don’t do short and sweet haha! As much as the intention was there - that’s just not what this work is about.

Sooo I’m choosing courage over fear of what other people might think because of the guy in the photo above. He is are my unshakable why and my source of unconditional love.

If I’m not learning, you’ll either find me dancing around the kitchen baking up a (vegan) storm, out in the veggie patch with my crew or curled up in bed with a cuppa avoiding my list of ‘to do’s’ haha because life for me is about finding flow which doesn’t necessarily mean balance. It’s more about following what feels good in that moment and allowing yourself the space to do it without judgement.

To me - life is made up of moment to moment experiences & what we choose in each moment, determines how we feel about life. Which ultimately determines how we feel about ourselves.

So here’s to paving our own paths, asking the big questions and living with whole hearts.

I am bloody excited to be on this journey with you!

From me to you, there’s just love baby!

Becs xx