Angel Levey

Let’s explore the world of make up together!

Hi lovelies! Welcome to my very first blog, in this blog we will be exploring the world of make up together! The latest tips, trends and many more just think of me as your very own fairy godmother of make up! but first this is a safe place to express your inner BEAUTY QUEEN and all is welcome. So why not get started ...

Let’s get to know me!

My name is Angel and i’m 19yrs old, I come from a big family which consists of my mom and my 4 brothers and sisters who just happen to be my best friends! I am also a level 2 qualified theatrical make up artist and currently studying my level 3. My goals for the future is to study in SFX and prosthetics, my dream would be to work on a movie and having my name in the credits.

From a very young age I loved everything make up had to offer from the bright colours to the glitter. I knew from that moment make up would be the industry I would go into, that naive little girl didn’t know where she would be 10yrs later a qualified MUA with many more qualifications to come.

Well that’s enough about me why don’t we get into why we’re all really here...

2020 Trends

Top 3 of the hottest trends 2020 had to offer!

2020 has been a big year for the make up industry, from the laminated eyebrows to the graphic liner! even in a global pandemic the beauty world thrived.

Many trends have been set but one of my all time favourites has to be the coloured false eyelashes this completed any and every look, that’s if you was brave enough to wear them anyway! These eyelashes were a statement piece in the beauty world.

Brow lamination is also another trend thats turned any make up look from not to hot in the matter of minutes. No look was complete without the ‘fluffy’ brows.

Lastly the graphic pastel liner took 2020 by storm, a graphic liner made any look BOLD. The liner could have been worn as a stand alone piece but many people turned it into full glam with there own little twist.

2020 hottest product

The one and only Plouise base!

2020 hottest product hands down in my opinion would have to be the Plouise eyeshadow base! As a MUA this product is a must, it will take your make up skills to a whole another level.

The Plouise base can be used as a starting base before you apply your eyeshadow this helps enhance the pigment of the eye shadow colours and makes them be the best they can possibly be.

The Plouise base can also be used as a stand alone for this I highly recommend the ‘base’ ic winter edition, the bases are easy to blend together and once they set they will last for hours, plus the colours are just beautiful! The bases can also be mixed to make your very own shades.

I have attached the link incase any of you beauty queens wanna go and grab yourself some.

A few of my fave brands!


As an MUA I find Morphe products some of the best eyeshadow palettes in the game , some of my personal favourites would have to be the James Charles collab, 305 natural glow, 35b colour burst and many more because they help me achieve an over all flawless finish to any eyeshadow look.

Morphe eyeshadow palettes are also excellent If you are new to make up and just testing the waters.
These products will be great for you as a starting point because they have a wide variety of shades which look lovely with any skin complexion for a low cost.

My 2020 looks...

Here’s a few looks I have created so far in 2020!

During lockdown I had the chance to explore new make up looks and develop my skills further.

One of my favourite looks I created would have to be the SFX open scar/cut across my left cheek. I’d never used the Ben Nye scar wax before so I decided to bite the bullet and give it ago. it was definitely a game changer! It made the scar/open cut look so realistic with minimum effort.

What I used to create my SFX scar/open cut look?
To create this look I used the Ben Nye scar wax in the shade fair and the Ben Nye spirit gum this helps the scar wax stay in place, also I added some kraylon translucent powder on top of the wax to take the shine away (this is the most important step because it helps set everything in place). Then I used the Ben Nye bruise wheel to add my red\purple under tones to give a realistic look of a cut/scar. Finally I added my congealed blood to the inside of the scar wax to give a deep open wound effect , after I done this I used regular fake blood and dabbed it all over to finish off.

I have tagged the link below In case any of you lovely lot wanted to give it ago!

Always remember your inner BEAUTY QUEEN! & to love and support others ❤️