If you’re not 110% infatuated with your life, I challenge you to exist harder.

Hello! If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably curious about who I am, what I do and how I do it so here’s a quick run-down:
I am 24 years old, living in LHP FL, who helps others become more confident with either clean beauty & wellness products or taking control of their finances ↯

Little back story - at 22, I was burnt out. I was in the service industry and honestly loved it, but after a while, the fun wore off and I began to feel stuck and craved more than a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle for myself. Every dollar I made was based on exchanging dollars for hours. I was always left with more month than money, and all I really wanted to do was TRAVEL.

I saw other people making money online, and what I came to realize is if THEY CAN, I CAN TOO.

So I did some research, partnered with industry disrupters & innovators, and my life changed drastically.

2 short years later, my life looks like:
✨Freedom to work from wi-fi, on my own terms.
✨Earned all-inclusive trips & global travel.
✨The best community of badass women.
✨Making money while I sleep. (ever heard of residual income?)
✨The ability to stay true to my high standards & commitment to unmatched quality. In everything.

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My goal is for you to leave this page better than when you arrived, and challenge you to take control of your life.

I look forward to helping you🤍