Based on a true story.

And I will see you someday again.

I am a half read book who can’t flip its own page, wondering what my story is, what my new page has to say. Since my father passed away, I climb mountains in my brain every day, I challenge myself not to lash out at every person that crosses my path. I was ripped down because of how I feel, ‘til the point where I resented my feelings. Well can I say that’s true or am I having a meltdown at 5 in the morning a time where I should be snoring nonetheless, I find myself watching old videos of him and scrolling our pictures together because its fascinating. Not the death of him but the idea of escaping because this empty feeling is slowly escalating. And even if he’s not here to stay, I’m glad the universe allowed him to stop by.

A one stanza quote I made for him way back when I was in 5th grade:

Dad, could you come back and stay a while.
I want to hear your voice and see you smile.
I want to hold you tight and never let go.
And tell you how much I love you so.


Life is a Beautiful Struggle

To the boy who read:

I like the darkness. There’s something to the feeling of not knowing your surroundings, not seeing the color of things as they appear, but as they truly are. But, I watched you today. As you turned through the pages of the book you cried. Emotions are a beautiful thing and I want to thank you for showing them. When I saw you cry, I had to fight the urge to run towards you and hold you. But I didn’t want to ruin it. Ruin how beautiful your eyes were as they shed a tear over the story you lived, over a character you loved. As your watery eyes scanned the page you laughed then smiled. I knew then I had to have you. And I guess I won’t stop till I can wake up to that smile. I’ve always thought I’ll be alone. That’s how I’ve lived ever since and to be honest I liked it. And suddenly you changed me. I didn’t want to be alone anymore. I wanted you. So today you fell in love with a book. And I feel in love with you falling for a book.

The girl who watched you.