About Me

Make sure you love yourself just as you want others to love you.

Why hello all,

My name is Angela! I am 24 years old and from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have lived in a few different cities, and find strong passion in traveling.

I just graduated from a beautiful university with double major. But like most jobs during COVID, things change. At first I was thrown off by it, but now I am accepting and loving it.

I am diving into avenues of life that in the past I only dreamed of having the time to do! I am taking my health serious. I am taking the toxins I put in my body serious.

I started with a vegan skin and hair care company. I love that company and business so much! If you are interested in me customizing your own personal hair or skin care line please fill out the quiz.

I also started doing day trading with foreign currency exchanges. I have tried learning this for years through YouTube and mentors, but nothing worked like this company does. Its astonishing how simple they make it for us! If you are interested in hearing about that opportunity please message me.

Oh and don’t forget babysitting because I love kids!!

My goal is to be able to retire by 35-38 years old while having all the toys I want. Toys meaning boat, wave runner, snow mobile, RV, etc.

Who’s in this ride with me?
Message me to succeed along side because I NEVER give up on my goals.