What is Angel Fire International?

Angel Fire International is an intentional effort to encourage inclusion and diversity within the cannabis industry.

We are aware that cannabis is a commonality amongst people from different worlds and backgrounds. However, not everyone has had the same experiences and traumas.

Angel Fire International has created a table that was built to serve communities and individuals adversely impacted by the predatory efforts of government, media and society as a whole.

AFI Story

Angel Fire International

Angel Fire International was founded when I was traveling and experiencing cannabis culture.

While most people consumed as daily medicine, the underlining influence that it had from a spiritual and social perspective was unmatched.

I loved how it heightened the overall energy of the group and created an opportunity for unrelated people to connect. This to me was a true display of diversity.

From there, I knew that I wanted to create a safe place for all people to connect and positively influence each other, regardless of locality.

An entrepreneur at heart, I decided to dive head first into my passion. I immediately saw the need for a more inclusive industry. The playing field was at a disadvantage for black and brown players.

Oh yeah, my mom has called me Angel Fire since birth. Little did she know it would be used today!

Jocelyn Harris, Founder & CEO

Accepting Donations

Your contribution is appreciated! It allows us to increase the resources needed to adequately support our community.

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