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My name is Angeli Cauley. I am a 20 year old mental health advocate that is on a mission to normalize the discussion of mental health with teens, and show that your body and mind are worth celebrating! I personally deal with anxiety, depression, and ADD. I use my illnesses and struggles to spread awareness and bring comfort to those that feel alone in this journey of self-acceptance.

I started sharing about my struggles with mental health because as a child I was left unheard. Issues I would bring up to school counselors or my parents would get the response:

"Just stop worrying so much."

"Everything is okay! Just calm down."

"Why do you get so worked up all the time?"

"Angeli always has something wrong."

It wasn't until my 15th birthday that I was diagnosed with Anxiety (A mental illness I have had since as long as I can remember), and depression. I then started attending therapy regular, and finally got the help I so desperately needed.

15 years...that is far too long for any child, screaming for answers, to go unnoticed. I am here to make sure that is not the case anymore and to bring change to the way we view and discuss mental illness, especially in teens!!

I also love to share about my use of essential oils and the benefits these plant-based products bring to my life! I have been a young living user for over a year, and still find new products I love every. single. day!! It is so exciting to explore a life of toxic living. Why don't ya join me??? 😉

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Once you enter the world of oils there are so many possibilities! Here are links to all of my fav rollers, oily books, amazon must-haves, postcards, etc.