About her

She’s a Devil that wears the Angel’s mask

My name is Ciera and I am from South Carolina. I was born in an urban city called Greenville. I’m still young only 14, I am an author and I love to share my love of writing with others. I don’t really get out so I remain antisocial only having a few friends. I was born in the late fall making me a Scorpio (Nov19th). I have been named the provider and protecter (Infj) and I love people but hate them at the same time. I’m a really complicated person to get to know so I’m just throwing things out there but I love to break people down and understand them if you know what I mean.

My Top Picks

Top Wattpad books, shows, and users

I may not seem like it but I am a humorous, and fun person to be around. I like reading relatable books. I like a book I can get into and read it while crying laughing. I also like shows I can read and when it gets to an episode where I’m scared to watch, I’ll end up watching it anyways because it’s too good not to. I like users I can associate myself with, talk with, and get inspired by.

Recommended book

I used to read the selection series when I was younger and I still haven’t found a hand held book that I like that compares to those. One I would have to pick that was my favorite was the second generation one “Heir” by Kiera Cass.

Recommend Netflix show

This show is a show that most people watch I know! But this show is one of my favorites not because people watch it but because it is hilarious, suspenseful, and a romantic show as well. I love romance, I’ve been in love with it since I started reading. I knew romance was my thing from the beginning of my writing journey and this show inspires me. Itaewon class is about an ex convict who sets his dreams on beating the company that killed his father and holds his crush hostage. I just love it.

Recommended user

This user is a true inspiration, friend, and leader to me. She has made me feel like her little sister and I feel so appreciated and so warm when we converse. She is truly dedicated to what she does and has a dream in life and she does and is doing what ever she can to accomplish her dreams one step at a time.

I want you to know

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. -Martin Luther King Jr.