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Dear Readers,
I was on the edge of my seat in health class a couple of days ago waiting for the results of the drug chart which stated that 8th graders used, Cigarettes - 6.0% , Smokeless Tobacco - 3.8% , Marijuana - 21.7% , Alcohol - 29.2% , E-Cigarettes - 21.7%. Out of all these results the one that surprised me the most was marijuana which was 21.7%. The reason marijuana surprised me the most is, I thought the eighth graders would use cigarettes more than marijuana but I was completely wrong because cigarettes were 6.0% while marijuana’s percent was so much higher, so this definitely surprised me. Another reason marijuana surprise me is because I feel like it’s pretty hard to sneak marijuana from your parents for example because when you get home your parents would be able to smell that you smoke marijuana so parents not being in the picture worries me and surprises me. This is definitely a preserved noun, now the reason I say this is because a preserved noun is what other people think or believe others are doing. Now a lot of people think that all eighth graders use drugs because some eighth graders set an example to everyone else and people just think that all eighth graders use drugs but I’m here to tell you that that’s completely a lie stating that, 94% of eighth graders don’t use cigarettes, 96.2% of eighth graders don’t use smokeless tobacco, 78.3% of eighth graders don’t use marijuana, 70.8% of eight graders don’t use alcohol, and 78.3% of eighth graders don’t use E-cigarettes. In my opinion I think that eighth graders that don’t use drugs should be more of what parents see an eighth graders because the eighth graders that don’t use drugs are very good examples that they can set for parents, in other words a scooters I don’t use drugs should be recognized more than eighth graders that use drugs. I am in seventh grade getting ready to go to eighth and knowing that a lot of eighth graders are doing a lot of different drugs also worries me, so this is for my fellow classmates in seventh and eighth grade, if you haven’t started using drugs don’t get sucked into using them!!, all the eighth graders that think they are cool using drugs they are not cool and they never will be because drugs and addiction is the opposite of being cool, so this year let’s try to be cool in a different way! With our smartness because at the end of the day the person that’s going to be cool is the person that has an education and a good paying job. Let’s maybe try and break a record of never having 8th graders do drugs!!
Have an amazing and teetotal day!!
From your best-loved blogger,
- Angelina

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Topic - Puberty

What the topic is. / Why is the topic important to communicate to others?

What the topic is:
Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction. It causes physical changes, and affects boys and girls differently.

Why is the topic important:
During puberty, your body will grow faster than at any other time in your life. It helps to know about the changes that puberty causes before they happen. That way, you know what to expect. Puberty is a very big part of your body, women can’t have baby’s if it wouldn’t be for puberty, or no one would grow.

How can one make healthy decisions for themself in relation to the topic? / How can one communicate what they need from others to help deal with this topic?

How can one make healthy decisions for themselves in relation to the topic?:
- maintaining a well-balanced diet.
- drinking plenty of water.
- getting enough rest and relaxation.
- getting enough sleep.
- exercising regularly.
- avoiding alcohol and other drugs.
- maintaining appropriate personal hygiene.

How can one communicate what they need from others to help deal with this topic?:
- One of the best ways to support your child during puberty is to make time to discuss growing up and puberty openly and honestly. Even though it may feel embarrassing to them at first, knowing they can come and talk to you if they need reassurance or support is crucial.
- Ask your parents for things you need like for example if your a girl (pads, bras, deodorant).

How does one manage themself in a healthy way when dealing with this topic? / Provide a quote that connects to the topic in a positive way.

How does one manage themself in a healthy way when dealing with this topic?:

- Exercise regularly. Teens should be physically active at least 60 minutes of every day.
- Eat a healthy diet.
- Maintain a healthy weight.
- Get enough sleep.
- Keep up with vaccinations.
- Brush and floss your teeth.
- Don't listen to loud Music.

A quote that connects to the topic in a positive way:
“ No matter when you were born or where,
puberty is the same. It's the same for your
parents as it is for you - what's happening
in your body dictates everything.”

Reliable resources that people can use for helpful information. / Share reliable places to go for assistance in getting help with puberty.

Reliable resources:
- Young Men's Health.
- Center for Young Women's Health.
- Go Ask Alice!
- KidsHealth.

Reliable places:
- Parents
- Nurse
- An adult you trust
- A pharmacy
- A store (to buy products)
- Clinics