Tell the world what you’re made of

Hey there, my name is Angel! Im so happy you decided to click on my page!

I have 3 beautiful children, 2 boys (ages 12 &8) and a girl (age 3). Currently Pregnant and will be having my babygirl in February 2022. I just became a Rhyne in October 2021, everyday is a fairytale story for me. I worked in childcare for 8-9years and became a stay at home mom in 2018. Working in childcare was a lot easier. Being a SAHM is a completely different world, you never slow down. At least working a job I was able to have lunch breaks. I also take online courses at Ashford University to become a 3rd grade teacher, I had the time while at home so why not get a degree.

I have always been so independent and use to having a paycheck so it was a hard hit when I no longer had the paycheck to use. Here in the past year I become a consultant for other companies to try and make a little income to cover the habits of spending on my kids and occasional Starbucks.

After watching many women do things they love and spread the word of what they love I decided a little at a time to join different companies. These companies don’t bring in easy money, it doesn’t just fall in your lap. It is still work, it’s online and words that helps sell what you love. I am a mixture of all traits. I love totes and bags so I sell Thirty-one totes, I love love for my house and car to smell amazing so I sell Scentsy, I love being healthy and to loose my baby fat while having the energy I need to keep up with my kids so I sell It Works, and I love making and creating things so I use my Cricut and hands to do so and sell what I make.

Doing all of this has helped me stay a SAHM and enjoy my time with our kids while saving money from childcare. I have the freedom to take my children to do things and not have to ask for vacation time or to leave early. I can make all of my kids functions and extra curricular activities without feeling guilty of asking someone else to step in for me. I don’t have to deal with work drama. Even though there is stress I love being a SAHM and be there for my kids. I get to do what a lot of other parents wish they could and it’s help from being an independent consultant to these companies.

And that my friends is a little information about ME!