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our thoughts create a vibration and our whole reality responds to it and matches it. that’s how karma works. it’s not a punishment or a reward; it’s simply the universe responding to the frequency you’re putting out.

#angelsalignyoga is here to support you and your reality. we are here to remind you that if you can dream it, then you deserve it! our goal is to be here for one another. we are a community dedicated to raising our frequencies and taking care of our auras so that the #loveandlight within us can shine as brightly as possible.. and reach everyone who might need it <3

we aren’t afraid of shadowwork and know that sometimes it’s our darkest times that really show us who we are and what we are capable of. we love you and want to remind you that your “flaws” are actually perfect and make you authentic and special.

^^ when you see this sign please remember that you are the creator of your reality .. every beautiful human is also creating their very own reality, too. the more we come together and lift each other up the higher our vibration will be. ..
and the more we will be truly aligned,
connected to spirit..
to each other..
and to consciousness <33

we can’t wait to meet you 0:)
sending love and light

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meet angel montgomery

creator of angels align yoga and cannabis yoga master

the weed community deserves its own yoga school, so here we are: “angels align yoga”. we teach “cannabis yoga” and meditation to anyone who wants to learn. things changed financially a lot for all of us during the pandemic and the benefits of yoga should be made more easily available now than ever. our group classes are free / donation based and open to anyone. donations go to “NRML” and supporting work they do for legalization.

yogi postures we think of today with lots movement on the mat have only been around hundreds of years. original yoga that dates back about 5,000 years ago was only breathing and meditation. if you can breathe you can be a yogi; if you use cannabis and breathe you can be a cannabis yogi.

I never thought i’d be certified to teach yoga or want to start my own school. i don’t talk about it a lot, but it’s a big deal that I’m even able to walk. i was born with a lot of physical difficulties (one of my feet was even upside down.. many of my bones have been taken apart and put back together ) i was prescribed what seemed like every narcotic possible and was still so miserable. one day I opened myself up to an alternative with a huge stigma where I grew up in kentucky: smoking weed. i didn’t even get high the first time, i was a slow bloomer. thankfully, hillbilly stoners are both patient and crafty. They rolled me my first blunt and that did the trick! i was standing up on one leg laughing and doing the dishes. I’ll never forget that day.. weed gave me happiness and independence back. it wasn’t legal, but it wasn’t evil. i have been an advocate of Mary Jane ever since.

years later I found myself dealing with more mental than physical health issues. i had developed anxiety, ptsd, depression, insomnia, and waking nightmares that absolutely debilitated me. once again, I tried all the medicine prescribed to me but nothing was working. that’s when a friend who also smoked weed, introduced me to yoga. i didn’t think it was going to be much of a game changer, but I was willing to try anything. after opening myself up to one class it was just like when i got high off that blunt for the first time: my yoga journey had begun. i remembered what it was like to feel that bliss, to be present truly in the moment.

i’m passionate about “karma yoga” doing something for free bc it feels right. the only hospital willing to risk operating on me was “Shriners hospital for children” they refused to take payment and took care of me until i was 20. they made a difference in my life and i hope to be able to make a positive impact in my own way through cannabis yoga.

i’m excited to bring cannabis yoga to anyone ready for it in their life

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meet emily fabri

director of event coordination

future yoga teacher with angels align yoga 2021.

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