Boss Mom Babe

My name is Angelica, but most people call me Angel! I’m 29 years old, married the love of my life and best friend on out 10 year dating anniversary — it’ll be 12 years in September! I work as a full-time Radiologic Technologist at a level one trauma hospital while working my own business. I simply share products I love! Anthony and I are so blessed to finally have our princess with us, Anaiyah Rose! 🥰

What’s my story?
I have always had a passion to help people, which is why I decided to go into the medical field.

I’ve been working my butt off since 15, working at a summer camp. After that, I’ve worked in retail, nannied, babysat, worked in after school programs and daycares. I’ve also worked in office positions, and front desk jobs. You name it, I’ve most likely done it! At one point, I had a total of 4 jobs just trying to make that extra income -- my office job, after school program, and babysitting/nannying. I’d always be working throughout the holidays and missing family gatherings because I couldn’t take off or get my shifts covered.

Well, this opportunity of a lifetime came to me December 2019 and I haven’t looked back since! Fast forward to a year later, I’m so extremely grateful and blessed that my ONE YES has made a DRASTIC difference in my life! I’m able to continue to help people, but outside of the medical field in another way. I’ve been able to help others who want more out of life than working that 9-5 type of job, working under someone else, or working multiple jobs to make ends meet. I’ve been able to gain financial freedom and have more time to spend with my ohana while working from home, sharing something I’m truly passionate about and love. I have created (and still adding to) my dream team who have the same goals in life and have been mentoring in self growth, personal development, and becoming their own boss while sharing amazing clean, non-toxic, vegan products for hair, skin and wellness!

Tap below to see where your one YES will take you!

🤍 Angel