About Me

From My Imagination To Yours

An avid reader with a passion for writing, I began my writing journey in 2019, creating an interactive serial fiction story on the Episode platform. Fast forward 3 years, I have stories on numerous apps and projects in the works.

You’ll often find me in a cafe, sipping on a latte, typing stories filled with romance, drama and mystery (with a touch of the erotic) on my laptop.

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Other Stories

Whispers ~ The Billionaire’s Tutor

In desperate need of a job to pay off student loans, you apply to be a tutor for billionaire Benjamin Kingston. But life takes an unexpected turn when he offers you a different job instead — that of his wife! Will wedding bells ring?

Whispers ~ Collateral

They say no good deed goes unpunished. You find out the hard way when your offer to help a loved one leads to you becoming housemates with Boston’s biggest mobster. Will it lead to disaster, or will you find love in an unexpected place? You’re worth more than you think when it comes to... Collateral.

Whispers ~ Superstar’s Baby

It’s your 30th birthday and you’ve only got one wish: to have a baby this year. When your search for a donor leads to Hollywood’s hottest superstar, you’ll have to navigate fame, jealousy, morning sickness, and maybe even love.

Whispers ~ Psychology of Love

Stuck in the friend zone, you turn to your new friend, and famous psychologist, Dr. Richard, to help you figure out love and relationships. But will the answer you get be the one you’re looking for?

Whispers ~ Deadly Affairs

You’re sitting in a jail cell, charged with murder. Of course, you didn’t do it, right? The only problem is you can’t remember anything from last night. Are you being set up? And who can you trust?

Maybe ~ The Seduction Game

You find your boyfriend on a dating app and decide to create a fake profile to catch him in the act. But what you find out changes your life forever.

Chapters ~ TGC: Genesis

New school, new friends, parties & studying. You've even gained the attention of the campus heartthrob. Life is great until you're assigned a sexy study buddy who brings you into his world of secrets, revelations and lies. Will you make it out alive? And if you do, at what cost?

Chapters ~ Dancing with a Stranger

When your safe and predictable life is thrown off course after an unexpected breakup, your decision to throw caution to the wind leads to a night of passion with a devastatingly handsome stranger. But things are not always what they seem. Who can you trust amidst lies and betrayal?