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Virtual Assistant | Angella

Oh hey!

My name is Angella, but you can call me Ang.

I am a virtual assistant who specializes in Administrative and Social Media Management designed to provide support to entrepreneurs and small business owners to give them more time to focus on things that matter, like growing their business!

I understand running your own business is demanding on you and your time, which makes managing all of your tasks to grow your business seem nearly impossible, but no worries! That’s where I come in👩🏾‍💻

Being a business owner should not be stressful and I 100% do my best to make sure that I can make your life as easeful as possible. Let’s just say I’m Robin and you’re Batman! The ultimate sidekick 🙂

So, with my abundant amount of patience (iced coffee) and my 7 + years of experience, are you ready to take on the next steps to grow and scale your business? Are you ready to gain back your freedom? Are you ready to truly focus on the work that means most to you? If so, let’s book a 1 on 1 discovery call and let’s work!

I look forward to speaking with you! Let’s create those lasting experiences✨

-Ang 👩🏾‍💻✨

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My services

How can I help?

Administrative Assistance:
• Email Management
• Calendar Management
• Online Research
• Travel arrangements
• Research
• Data Entry
• & so MUCH more!

Social Media Management:
• Setting up Social Media accounts 
• Scheduling & Engagement
• Manage and update Social Media accounts
• Content creation
• DM Management
• & so MUCH more!

Client Reviews

Angella is very open minded. She’s very driven. Once she understands the tasks at hand or the goals, she knows how to apply herself and understand what she needs to do to make others apply themselves which is a great attribute to have. Ang is a great leader and knows how to communicate effectively. She has a high understanding of what communication means down to the detail, which is a key thing to have. Once she agrees to what needs to be done, she has exceptional patience. The more she applies herself to the tasks the more ambitious she becomes. Angella is very humble, attentive, caring, that’s just the person I learned to know. She will bring who she is to the table and that makes an impact on anything she chooses to work on. She is always willing to learn and teach.

Working with Angella you will gain high efficiency, true understanding, great relationship, character, and accountability. She is someone who will game plan with you and run ideas by you that you would not have thought of on your own. If anyone is looking for their beginning piece to their puzzle, Angella is perfect for that. She proves me with comfort, confidence, and excitement whenever I work with her.
-A&W Resale

Angella has been helping me run my streaming organization since 2020. She came in and captured my vision, understood what I wanted from her, and found every solution to accomplish my goals. She’s flawless with her communication skills. She is super engaged, involved, and an amazing listener. She will catch every detail no matter how small or large. Her determination, accountability, organizational skills, and knowledge is SOLID. I’ve noticed she does great with last minute tasks and she’s a quick leaner. Her work ethic is unmatched!
-Wayne’s World