who tf am i


quite honestly i’m still navigating myself and learning how to understand myself better. part of that has been through therapy and soul talks ~ but the other has just been through life and it’s tribulations.

i’m interested in food, photography, mental health, some form of spirituality (still figuring that out too, lol), exercise and maintaining a healthy relationship with oneself and others.

i’m studying anthropology & asian studies at ubc and feel like i’m in my millionth year already & i haven’t even graduated.

On Reading

I loved reading, I’d spend most of my time with my little face stuck between the spine of a book. So much so that my love for reading and silence was often confused with being sad/depressed. I stopped avidly reading when I went to boarding school, always being around people and friends made it really difficult for my generally extroverted self to carve out alone time.

Year before last, I read The Forest of Enchantments and it reminded me of how much I liked reading. Last year I managed to read 14 books, and for someone who hadn’t read in a long time - it was an accomplishment.

I’ve realized that reading can be transformative in so many ways. A show/movie will never be able to convey the succulent juiciness of a melon, the stickiness as it drips down your arm. A book can describe intimacy without the presence of physical touch. And that, is the power of books.

I’m trying to re-shape what my nights look like, post night time routine, pre-snores. Reading is something I want to include in that routine. The fight to turn my phone face down, exit TikTok scrolling is extremely hard, but I will persist in fighting the good fight lol.

Updating reading recommendations as I finish more books!

The Stationery Store - Marjan Kamali

This book describes eternal love, through time and space. Strength, perseverance, heartbreak & happiness.

Together Tea - Marjan Kamali

Another brilliant book by Kamali, describing love and belonging through a diasporic lens. The book also covers loss, and finding oneself through the exploration of the homeland.

a woman is no man - etaf rum

rum describes the live of isra as she navigates being a new bride from palestine in brooklyn, ny & her daughter, deya as she navigates being a first gen woman. a coming of age story combined with the lives of women living in the diaspora.