So I wanted to share my thoughts about why I stand with pro life. .. I’m not here to argue with anybody it is not my intentions but to share my voice just like you can on your page. We both have free will to choose what we believe and we also have the ability to do our own research. If your choice is to stand with abortion i ask if you will just consider to just hear my heart. First I want to say I hear your concerns about the mother I really do hearing that maybe it could have been a case of rape that hurts my heart, maybe they had complications and that mother didn’t expect to do what she did, maybe that mom is struggling with addiction and don’t know how she can be there for the baby or maybe it was an irrational choice to sleep with someone. they are going to bring a baby in the world .. and they choose not to. Why?? Maybe because that’s the only option they think they have, maybe because they are scared , maybe because they don’t have a sober mind that this is the first thing that comes to them. Have you heard a pro lifer say “they have a purpose” what do we mean by that ?? Well have you heard as well “you can be whoever you want to be when you grow up.” That baby that is created in the womb is design to be someone to someone . Maybe that baby becomes to be the only smile someone gets when they are just having a rough day, maybe that baby becomes to be the only joy someone gets to experience when they see how full of life they are, maybe that baby becomes to be that mommas only strength she has to do better for her life, maybe that baby becomes to be a voice too many to be successful, maybe that baby becomes someone you never expected them to be. Why not give them a chance to live even if you don’t know what trials they may have to experience but you give them a chance because you hold on to the hope that there is for you too. Growing up I didn’t choose to come in to a broken family, I didn’t choose to be physically and sexually abused by my dad , I didn’t choose to be without a dad.. I grew up and was rebellious , doing drugs and doing things that could only hurt me but as I grew up I encountered people that poured into my life showing me there was a different life I could live.. I believed it and ran with it . Not all the time I get it right but I can say as I seek for truth and allow God who ultimately I believe that has been here for me the entire time when the enemy meant to kill me .. and show me why I truly was created for I have been able to be that someone to someone. This is not to boast but I don’t know how many times I have had someone message or tell me hey that message was for me , or I needed this today , or your smile makes me happy . not realizing that I lifted their spirit today by being just who God created me to be. The enemy had a plan to kill me but God uses everything for good. So I’m here to say it again if you know someone or you might be in support of abortion I pray that you remember that little baby that one day they will be someone to someone more than you can imagine no matter the circumstances.  —