who are we?

A tree fibre, luxury sportswear & lifestyle apparel brand made in Cape Town, South Africa.

Anima was designed to be timeless, simple and sustainable.

Our sustainability lies in our material, dye, care and manufacturing.

material: The micro tencel® fibers are produced in Austria and are fully biodegradable undersoil and marine conditions, and compostable. Wood is a renewable raw material, and, as a result of being sourced from sustainably managed forests, tencel® fibers have a low carbon footprint: the climate change impact of tencel® fibers is 60% lower than that of generic lyocell.

dye: We use reactive, non-toxic dying with different certifications, and dying techniques which require less water, even recycles it, in short dying cycles.

care: Less smell, less washing micro tencel® is naturally resistant to odour growth and antibacterial which means that you don’t have to wash it after every single workout - and this way it saves you valuable water, energy and time.

manufactures: a full women team, we believe if you empower a women you empower a family!

a second skin —

not just better for the environment but for your health.

Did you know the skin is your body’s largest organ?

Protecting and treating your skin with the outmost importance starts with the fabric you wear.

Synthetic fabrics, being man-made fabrics, are by far the worst for your skin as these fibres share their toxic elements with the wearer. Examples are polyester, rayon, acrylic, acetate and nylon. These materials are treated with thousands of chemicals during production.

Toxins aside, these synthetic fibres do not allow your skin breath which can lead to the blocking of skin pores. This can lead to possible skin problems, such as, rashes, hyperpigmentation and depigmentation. These materials also trap odours, the germs in your sweat feast on these fibres chemicals, creating an environment for smelly bacteria to grow.

Natural fibres allow your body to excrete toxins while you sweat, allowing you to feel comfortable when doing physical exercise.

Our fabric is the perfect companion for anyone who suffers with eczema, back-acne, rashes or skin irritation bumps.