My Journey

Get to know me!

Hey there beauty babe 👋🏻 I’m so glad you came across my page! My name is Anise :) I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2015 working at the Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar at Ulta Beauty as my first job... ever... I had no experience in customer service let alone brows or beauty 😅 how I landed the job was out of sheer confidence and A LOT of YouTube tutorials. I was trained by the best of the best to wax brows and of course, sell cosmetics and LOVED it. Seeing the client reactions and sharing the confidence to transform the brows or face to any man or woman is what kept me going in the retail industry. It was an amazing first job and a great experience but after 2 years I was itching for more than just waxing brows and selling makeup.

I ventured out and found an eyebrow spot to strictly do brows and see where that will lead me. With only knowing how to wax brows and blend eyeshadow, I was hired! I was taught to thread and apply extensions. Boy was that challenging and a true test of patience. After much practice I got the hang of both skills and fell in love with the process and the results of what thread can do for a brow shape and lashes can do for the eyes + a confidence boost. I had so much fun getting to know my clients personally and aesthetically happy