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A peep of my daily work that has become part of me, remember my curiosity has haywire and has taken me into many fields, I hope you love what you see❤️

Niaja jollof rice

What is Niaja jollof rice, everything you need to know about it

Oven baked Meatpies

I spent a whole night baking for my customers, yes it was tiring but I got heart-warming reviews, and I couldn't be more happy, and it keeps me going forward 💪💪

Kitchen compromise

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to accept something slightly different from what you really want, mostly because of circumstances?
It also happens in a kitchen and I call it "Kitchen Compromise" . And honestly am as well very experienced 😁.
Even the littlest circumstances could make us compromise,
Such as:
Using oil instead of butter,

Baking with a stove instead of oven,

No paprika, white pepper, basil, Oregano, but still cooking using the basic seasonings,

Rubbing pan with butter and dusting with flour instead of baking paper,

Using a manual hand whisk instead of an electric whisker,

Using a table spoon instead of ladle,

Using pot to boil water instead of kettle,

Using a bottle as rolling pin,

Cooking short grain rice instead of long grain rice,

And the list goes on and on, it never ends. This are all kitchen flaws, but the flaws still works perfectly well cause they'll alternatives.
Remember there's no kitchen without even a little compromise , cause a kitchen is never perfect 🙂.

Health is wealth

Cooking is fun so lets try doing it

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How you feel afterwards 😌

There is a big difference on how you feel when you wanna try out something but you just don't have the tools... And when you still try it out anyways.. yea end result is never perfect but you can't help but smile... You know why!!!!