I’m Anitra

I'm a wife and mama of three, lover of Jesus, coffee and essential oils!

I started my oily journey a little over a year ago after reaching the end of my rope. We were sick, emotionally and physically drained, and knew I needed to make changes to mine and my family’s health. Even though I wasn’t a novice when it came to natural living, I knew so little about oils and how life changing they could be.

I started small by purchasing a starter kit. I knew that I was the gatekeeper of my home and that I needed to be more intentional about what I let through the doors. Being a Young Living member has allowed us to slowly ditch the toxins, little by little, room by room, never making perfection the goal, but progress. Now over a year later our health is drastically better! Better sleep, stronger immune systems, healthier looking skin, supported emotions, stronger mental health- I really could go on! Essential Oils have changed our life!

Now I get the privilege of helping other women do the same! This is more than a business to me! This is a community of like-minded women passionate about their health, their family’s health, all while loving on people!

I am here to link arms with you, teach you all that I know, and welcome you to our inspiring community! Can’t wait to walk this journey with you!