Story time !!

Get to know me✨

Hi Hi!

My names Anna! 😊
I’m your free-spirited, adventurous lil chica. My boyfriend and I recently left our home in Idaho and are traveling around Mexico!

Lets back it up real quick —
I’m 26 years old, never finished college, spent years searching for what I truly desired out of life. Finally found it and now currently running my online business from my phone/laptop. 👩‍💻

Couple years ago I was living in southern California—paycheck to paycheck, always stressed towards the end of the month to come up with rent. I was surrounded by people similar to my age either working restaurant gigs too or some marketing agency paying out 35k a year. I knew my life needed some change. I searched all over for it. I thought maybe teach English abroad? Sign up for 12-week coding class? Go back to college? Thoughts were buzzing around my head until I became super clear on where I saw myself and what made me happy.

I searched for online jobs so I could travel. I wanted to experience more culture around the world, I wanted to not have to constantly worry about my bank account, I wanted to be generous with money, lots and lots of money, I wanted to help this planet, I wanted to be able to have a family and give them the gift of life without financial burdens, I wanted
F R E E D O M✨.

Thats when I found Breakaway—Online global community supporting health and sustainability, strengthening personal growth, all while achieving financial freedom.

I found myself surrounded my young Entrepreneurs, who were motivated to make changes, who weren’t scared to fail and who were ready to crush it in the online world. I was stoked. I found a company that aligned with all my values.

I started this business to make a change in my life. To no longer have my life revolve around work, but the exact opposite.
To live in ultimate freedom with my family.

Life is constantly handing you opportunities,
Its your job to accept them!

Our team is always looking for rad people who are hard workers and ready to make a change!

Shoot me a message✨